Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Tips on How To Make Cloth Diaper Easily

I would like to share on the 5 great tips on how to make cloth diaper wearing an easier task:

1. Generally velcro type of cloth diapers are easier to wear. However, you may choose to use snaps diaper too. You can just join up the snaps in advance and wear your baby just like you are wearing him a pair of pants / pull-up pants. This means you can do this when he is standing!
2. Always remember to go to the same place for diaper changing
3. Always ensure that the major cloth diaper accessories are ready before changing.
4. Talk or sing to him. Come up with a rhyme or sing a simple melody.
5. Distract with a toy - Keep baby's favorite toy near the changing table, so it can be to keep busy while quickly change the diaper. It can also be an interesting object to attract attention as keys, a box, bottle, or whatever it works!

Cloth Diaper Guide

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